All of our items are handcrafted from scratch in our clean, odorless, smoke, industrial dirt studio in Powder Springs, GA. We highly recommend you adhere to the following safety protocols when using them.

Crib Quilts 

  • Use a firm mattress and fitted sheet in the baby stage, free of any extras like blankets or quilts.  
  • Wait until your little has transitioned to a toddler bed when they’re around 35” tall to add a quilt. 
  • We do not recommend using quilts during sleep time for babies younger than 12 months old. For younger babies, these products can be used as mats for tummy time or even picnics when you’re on the go. They may also serve as exciting nursery decor until your little one is ready to use them on their own.

      Crib Sheets 

      • Only use crib sheets that fit snugly and securely on the crib mattress.
      • Be sure crib sheets fit snugly on a crib mattress and overlap it so that they can’t be dislodged when their corners are pulled.  
      • Don’t use an adult sheet on a crib mattress as it can come loose and present an entanglement hazard to young children.
      • Rest assured our crib sheets feature deep pockets and reinforced stitching so they can stay perfectly intact after multiple washings and rigorous use.
      • In addition, our sheets are made with elastic all the way around to ensure the snuggest crib mattress fit possible. 

        Crib Rail Covers 

        • Fasten the rail cover to the crib rail securely using the attached ties.
        • Note that rail covers are designed to give extra padding and protection to the top of the crib rails but are not intended as a safety device. 


          • Place your baby's crib far away from windows and anything else that could fall into it.
          • The finished crib should be completely sturdy and fully assembled.
          • The slats should be no more than 2-3⁄8 inches apart
          • Place your baby on his/her back on a firm, tight-fitting mattress in a crib to meet the current safety standards.
          • Do not cover your baby's face with any item such as a blanket or comforter, as doing so can increase the risk of suffocation. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), “Bare is Best” for your baby’s crib and sleep environment.  (Great - Finished)

            Crib Mattress 

            • Do not place your baby on a waterbed, sofa, soft mattress, pillow, or other soft surfaces.
            • Be sure the mattress fits the crib perfectly against all four sides. The firmer the mattress, the safer your baby’s sleep environment will be.
            • Avoid hand-me-down or second-hand cribs in which the mattress may be different from the one specifically designed to fit the crib.

            For Further Safety Information, Check Out These Resources

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