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Our Team

Victoria Marina

Owner, Designer, Maker

15+ years experienced artist, designer of all NaturalForMyBaby collections, collection of cotton underwear/pajamas and more than 70 collections of handmade wedding accessories. I love to create custom items because they are full of love and dreams!


Owner, Shipper, IT

My lovely hubby and my right hand. Professional IT specialist and fastest shipping manager in our Powder Springs. Lightning shipper is his second name!



His pictures featured in many baby/wedding/fashion magazines in Europe and it's an honor to work with such a professional!


Maker, Curator

She is not an ordinary seamstress with 10+ years of experience. First of all, she is a talented professional artist and experienced manager!


Maker, Curator

A talented artist and 10+ years experienced seamstress. She is the youngest in our team, but so professional!

Anton Jr

The main person in the Studio. Daddy's and Mommy's little helper! He is responsible for all characters' exhibition showcased in our Studio.