You are an unbelievably strong Woman...

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You are an unbelievably strong Woman! Lately, I hear it very often...
Within 1 month, I got:
✔️ my husband’s hospitalization in critical condition with rarely aggressive that much stage 4 melanoma cancer
✔️ main income loss
✔️ got 4 in 1 by myself: muscles inflammation + infection + allergy fever 104 + stomach bug being alone with 2 little kids

Impossibly hard stressed, the immune system stopped working, tears, fear.

I can’t...

Mental part: How to be strong and do not die seeing your husband dying?

Finance: I’ve lost my main income; how will I survive?

Future: what is this? I am dying in bed with a severe stomach and muscles pain, and a fever of 104. I can’t be everything.

Impossible to overcome?

I did it, and you can!

Magic woman or skills? In my next Thursday post 👉🏻

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