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We did it again!!!


It wasn’t easy, but YES! We did it again!
From ZERO!!!!
Milestone 700+ orders with 2500+ created items at our www.NaturalForMyBaby.com Studio has been reached within 6 months!

99.8% positive feedback!
Our services became even better!

Only 100% cotton items! Always natural handmade bedding and custom curtains for you and your babies!

So proud of such achievement!
Go, my #nfmb team!

How did we make it again during the #COVID19, starting from zero again, and within 6 months?

My rules to survive and motivation to move forward:
✔️Love your job,
✔️Create the best brilliant products for your customers,
✔️Think beyond the labels,
✔️Forge your own path,
✔️Be open to learning (even from the bad experiance),
✔️Find people who will support you,
✔️Be yourself,
✔️Trust yourself,
✔️Develope your network,

With warmest wishes,
Always the best for you and your family from Natural For My Baby!

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