Yes! We want handmade from scratch and especially for us! Tendency #2⠀

Yes! We want handmade from scratch and especially for us! Tendency #2

In a modern world where there are lots of machine-created items, we want something special for us, for our family and of course for our little ones!

The value of handmade quality work is growing and will continue to grow in the world of modern automated technologies.

The product created by the machine doesn’t have soul.⠀
The product created by hands especially for you is always one-of-a-kind and filled with the love.

To me, it is always hard to find the right person because I hire designers, seamstresses, managers just if I feel the person really enjoy the process of creation, knows the importance of her/his job.

Our customers feel themselves special because they really are!

Our customers are owners of one-of-a-kind projects created by themselves with our help!

How can it be?

💚 Each of you can create or choose your own item or set option with the theme, color scheme just you wish.

You can choose:⠀
🎈 just those items that you really want:

🎈 your own theme (particular character, floral or geometric, disney or marvel, cars or tractors, princesses or unicorns etc)

🎈 your own favorite print from our 5000+ print options

🎈 2 different prints for top and back of your reversible 100% cotton comforters, reversible rail covers, shaped pillows, pillow cases, up to 6 different prints for your custom patchwork

🎈 ties color for your rail covers and bumpers

🎈 minky color for a back side of your minky blanket or comforter

and much more!

💚 We use our hands and soul to create your item or set and make your dream come true.

🛍 How much will it cost to purchase a Maxi Baby Crib Set or a Twin/Full/Queen Bedding Set?⠀
👉🏻 Like 1 or 2 hairstylist visits or even lesss
👉🏻 Like 1 or 2 hotel days stay or even less⠀
👉🏻 Like 1 or 2 skincare visits or even less
👉🏻 Like 1 or 2 another toys or even less⠀

📐 Each item designed by Marina Taenkova

✂️ Created by Natural For My Baby team of experienced designers and seamstresses⠀

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