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The impact COVID-19 has had on the world has not only affected our daily lives, but it has also had an impact on small businesses including ours. Because of this, there was a need for us to change our work habits and find creative ways to keep our business functioning as usual. 

We were based out of a large studio where we worked together each day. Due to the current situation and the need to be isolated, we decided to temporarily move all work to our studios that we created in our homes. By following the guidelines from our local government, each of us has set up a safe, clean, and functional studio area.

Communication was previously done in person. With the nature of our business, it's much easier to work together on a project. It enables us to complete tasks much quicker and more efficient. But thanks to modern technology, we are now using phone calls, whatsapp, and skype to communicate and continue working together on projects.

All of us have families, spouses and children. Everyone is now home, spouses working from their home office, children engaged in distance learning for school. One of our challenges is taking care of their needs and at the same time helping them to understand our work schedule and family time. 

We typically would take breaks for exercise, this was  a part of our regular working process. We like to take one hour a day for tennis practice to refresh ourselves but due to the stay at home order, there sadly is no tennis. With schools closed, we have our littles ones home and instead of tennis, we are taking walks outside together to give ourselves that one hour to refresh.

Because we are working with baby items, we are taking extra steps to make sure our customers will receive quality safe items. Keeping our studios pet, smoke and industrial dirt free is a part of our company's mission.

Previously, we each cleaned our personal work space during the day and at night we had a cleaning service come and clean and sanitize the entire studio. Now that we are working from home, we are implementing the following...

  • We have added extra cleaning products into our home based studios to keep them sanitary. 
  • We dust more often to keep out allergens.
  • We clean each of our studios with antibacterial spray at least 3 times a day.
  • We are using masks during the creation process and change them twice a day.

Safety and cleanliness of our products is the number one priority, so we always go above and beyond to keep our work spaces clean and sanitary. By taking these extra steps, this helps us to continue the delivery of a germ free product(s) to each one of our customers. 

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