Modern kids – New Trends! Tendency #1


Modern kids – New Trends! Tendency #1:⠀

For modern kids there is just not enough tactile perception with fingers anymore. It is not enough to have a toy with a favorite character. ⠀
Kids want to completely immerse themselves into the hero’s world. ⠀
So how do you make them feel this way?⠀

🙌🏻 Our customers’ answer is: ⠀
Custom Cotton Baby/Toddler Bedding!⠀

For parents: ⠀

💚 Useful⠀

💚 Long lasting⠀

💚 Beautiful ⠀

💚 Natural⠀

💚 Breathable⠀

For kids:⠀

❤️ Sleeping in the world of a favorite character⠀

❤️ Body-friendly material⠀

❤️ Happy sleeping ⠀

✅ 100% HandMade from scratch in the USA ⠀

✅ Materials: 100% cotton, minky (for minky option blanket/comforter) ⠀

✅ Your choice from 5000+ prints⠀

✅ Custom sizes are always welcomed⠀

✅ Worldwide Shipping ✈️⠀

✅ Designed and Created By Marina Taenkova⠀

The pictured set is available in our Toddler Bedding Sets section.

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