Magic Woman or Skills? Mental part.

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Business is not our everything. 
No matter it is death, divorce, or betrayal- it is always YOUR choice:

- To say, I am poor girl, I am a victim, what a destiny, why me? and blame him/her/them for everything that happens in YOUR life
- To say, what I missed and should understand that badly? If it happened that fast and altogether, what change is that much necessary in my life?

Magic Woman or Skills? Mental part.

The first part of my story is here:

I am a giver by nature. Complaining and asking for help is something absolutely not mine.

✔️Tears of scary watching and constant fear.
✅ Within a month, I allowed myself to cry, to be weak, throw up my hysteria and accepted the strong shoulders of 2 closest people.
Thanks, sis Chuzdyuk Svetlana!

This month turned my life upside down, and the changes in my head turned from a mess to a clean, cozy comfort.
I understood that being weak sometimes is not that scary.
🔛Balance. Weak/Strong.

✔️How to overcome the fears?
✅ I wrote all my fears, created a plan to overcome them, and took action.
🔛Balance. Plan/Action

✔️How can I be alone? It is so scary..
✅ You have the same people like you around you.

I cut all negative people naturally. Your real friends will be there for you when needed for whatever you need.
I can’t wish for better friends!🙌🏻

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.
🔛Balance. Your personality/Your friends.

✔️ How can I take care of everything? Alone, just me...
✅ I took full responsibility.

After the first month of shock, I gave myself 2 weeks to be alone, to think about how it feels to be with myself only.
I took full responsibility for two little kids, my health, finances, home maintenance, etc.

My fear is gone. I love this full responsibility more than ever before. It feels amazing.
I feel myself as a separate personality, not an attached mushroom to the tree.
🔛Balance. ❌2-1=0. ✅ 1 🔛1

✔️ How to get stronger than before, make life-changing decisions, and move forward?
✅ I used my strongest skills to stand up.

Communication, resilience, the possibility to think and make courageous decisions in critical situations, strong self-confidence, and fighting skills finished the other job.
🔛Balance. Skills/Strength

I grabbed myself in my hands, read one more book “Seven Figure” by 🔥 Brandon Bornancin 🔥 and set up a Business/Finance challenge for myself!

Thanks, Brandon! I am coming for the trophy🏆

💵 Super Woman or skills? Finance/Business part in my next Tuesday post👉🏻

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