How to use and care for our special handmade Pillow Cases?

How to use and care for our special handmade Pillow Cases?

We will always be available to share tips about care for your one of a kind bedding items to keep them looking fresh and in like new condition!

First, I repeat it again: nothing stays with us forever, things are subject to wear.

Second, you can absolutely save your items for years and avoid damages just by following easy cleaning and usage instruction: ⠀

✅ For best results, machine wash cotton items in cold or warm water. ⠀
✅ Do not use hot water as it may shrink the cotton. ⠀
✅ Use a normal wash cycle and regular detergent (with color safe bleach if desired). ⠀
✅ Tumble dry on a low setting, then promptly remove the item from the dryer to avoid wrinkles. ⠀

✅ Carefully slip the right side of your pillow form into the right-side opening. ⠀
✅ Slightly press the pillow form in the middle of the pillow case ⠀
✅ Carefully insert the left side of the pillow form inside of the left pillow case side. ⠀
That’s it! ⠀
❗️Attention: do not push your pillow very hard into the pillow case otherwise you will tear the closure. ⠀
🌱 We use 100% premium cotton material for all our pillow cases ONLY. No polyester added.

🌱 Our pillow cases have been designed for those who want to exclude extra allergens from life or for those who love 100% natural items.

Just a reminder for those who just join us:

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Stay safe and healthy please! ⠀
Our prayers during this hard time are always with each of you!



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