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Happy New Year!

Every year before New Year🎄, I post a story/fact almost nobody knows about me.
14 years ago, I was diagnosed with Wilson’s genetic disease, and as a result, liver cirrhosis stage 2/3 out of 4.

Doctors said: No sport, no kids delivery, no work in the office—just rest. Otherwise, you’ll die within 1-2 years.

It’s a choice. Always. To give up or to fight.

I said: I’ll be the first person in the world who’ll get all of it and survive.

2021: I am the first woman in the USA and Russia who delivered 2 amazing kids with such a disease. I have my business. I am a tennis champion/choreographer.

It wasn’t and it isn’t easy, but if you believe you could- you will.

#inspiration #health #believeinyourself #fighter #champion #ididit #nfmb #powerofchoice

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